At Fun Fitness and Learning we recognise that the first five years of a child’s life are fundamentally the most important. Children do some of their most important learning in these years and we know early experiences provide the base for the brain's development and functioning throughout life.

Physical activity is vital for a child’s development and lays the foundation for a healthy and active life.

It is recommended that preschoolers accumulate at least an hour of daily structured physical activity and spend an hour a day at least of uninstructed active play. Pre school aged children should not be sedentary for more than 60 minutes at a time.

At Fun Fitness and Learning the aim of our sessions is to provide a variety of enjoyable exercises from the warm up to warm down and to encourage children to participate freely. Our sessions flow evenly while maintaining each child’s interest, taking into account their individual interests, talent and abilities.

We want the children to have FUN while increasing their FITNESS and LEARNING.

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