Fun fitness and learning was created to provide children with a foundation to learn about the importance of health and fitness whilst having fun and actually gaining fitness and motor skills.

Our multi-sport activities enable preschoolers to learn the fundamentals of different sports while developing and enhancing a range of skills in a fun, social, non-competitive and supportive environment.

Fun Fitness and Learning promotes a healthy lifestyle to the children during each class encouraging them to develop a lifelong passion for physical activity and sport whilst increasing their confidence.

The Fun, Fitness and Learning concept is designed to engage young children in physical activity in order to combat the trend of obesity in younger generations. In addition the children learn to play and interact with others whilst learning lifelong skills that will help discourage anti social behaviours later in life.

Children make judgments about their motor skill abilities at an early age. This may affect their willingness to take on new physical challenges as they get older.

Early participation in Fun Fitness and Learning’s structured group activities allows children to cultivate skills such as initiative, teamwork, and emotional regulation that are assets they will utilise throughout their lives.

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