Each session runs according to the following program:

Warm up:

Short and basic stretching exercises with some fun memory games to warm up not only our bodies but out mind as well.

Drink Break:

Water should always be the first choice for children. To encourage the children to drink lots of water we encourage them to have a water bottle with them at all times and have direct access to water during any activity. We stop during our sessions and regularly hydrate and always discuss the importance of this.

Cardio Session:

This part of the session focuses on allowing the children to participate in a variety of movement games, allowing the children to use their large muscles to develop. The activities in this session are designed to get the children's hearts pumping and increase their heart rate.

Drink Break:

At this point we catch our breath and stop and drink lots of water.

Skill Development:

Each term our skill development excercises focus on a prominent area i. e. co-ordination/balancing/catching/kicking skills. We use a variety of popular sports and games to encourage these skills such as AFL, Soccer, Basketball and Cricket. The children use repetition to develop an understanding for the process of the activity. Repetition is a major key to learning and development of gross motor skills. We incorproate music and movement into this part of the session adding another fun element to keep the children engaged.

Cool Down and Stretching:

At the end of our Fun Fitness and Learning class we complete a small stretching session whilst we explain to the children the importance of stretching after exercising. Stretching helps us maintain our range of movement and flexibilty whilst our bodies are still warm. Whilst we are doing our stretches we talk about the importance of healthy lifestyles and what foods we can eat that are really healthy and really yummy! We end our session with a quick quiz or game relating to our healthy eating discussion. The children usually direct this part of the session depending on their interests and this often forms the basis for the learning element of our next session.

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